A near perfect game Archive
I personally think it's a very good game archiveMost of the items in the game have been upgraded to the highest levelThe progress of customs clearance is also 100%The high-heeled stockings seen in the pictureIt's also the other modules I useIf you like, just support. Thank you。一个接近完美的存档,喜欢就下载吧。 安装

Useful material instances for nerds - Glow Transparency Parallax
If you don't know what material instances are it's not for you. Some vanilla .mis I'm using for my mods. Vanilla file paths. It's often worth seeing into the vanilla folders for interesting additional options. The names are made up by me. Mesh = affects the whole mesh. Texture = you can control

Compiler for Cyberpunk2077 scripts This is a script compiler that can be integrated with the game and used to add/replace game scripts. Source code available here. USAGE The compiler requires 2 files to work: - Cyberpunk 2077\engine\tools\scc.exe - Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\base\scripts.ini You

Background 9 Vaporwave
Replaces background 09 with a vaporwave screen. Created by Bryss33

An app/script that allows you to view/edit the string tables of CR2W files (The wrapper format used by Cyber Punk 2077 for most game resources). I was frustrated that CP77 will export game resources to JSON, but offers no way to import them back. So I made this script/tool to convert both to and

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BeamNG Drive, City Car Driving, Spintires, Mudrunner, Snowrunner and Cyberpunk 2077.