F to E updated (1.31)
This mod swaps the usage of the F key to the more conventional E, as normal in tons of games, without messing around with anything else in the player control section This is an updated version of one of my most favorite mods, F to E, made by AUGSpeed, however, the old mod lacks a lot of added

Minimap HUD
This is my greatest mod Notes: Works on version 1.2 Credits: - Rfuzzo (tools) - alphaZomega (Holy template) - SilverEzredes (bullies me hourly) - The rest of the Cyberpunk modding discord Join our Discord Server if you have any questions or just want to help us to make some preem mods for this

Hide Known Specs
Info Tweaks vendors item lists to hide crafting specs which you already have in your crafting book. How to install Download the latest redscript release and unpack it into the game folder Unpack the mod archive into the game folder How to uninstall Delete the Cyberpunk

Mild Minimal HUD - Spicy HUDs (moved minimap)
Moves the Minimap and removes some hud elements that are pointless Hello all, I got bored so i moved the Minimap and removed a load of stuff on the HUd i find pointless (keybindings and the thing that shows phone and grenades etc) Notes: Should work on all game versions Credits: - Rfuzzo (tools) -

Improved Inventory
A faster inventory. (Removes most delays) This mod makes crafting, upgrading and disassembling faster. Installation ● Back up /Cyberpunk 2077/r6/config/ ● Drop the file in your main game directory. Uninstallation ● Drop the back up folder of /Cyberpunk 2077/r6/config/ in your main game directory.

Kiroshi Optics Scanner - Blade Runner Unit Server Access
Adds Cyberpunk and Blade Runner details to the Kiroshi scanner for crowd NPCs. Will generate a unique background for each character scanned--and includes additional NCPD data direct to your Kiroshi device. Out patrolling the streets as a Blade Runner Unit, Detective? Need access to your case files?

Cyber Eye Tracking
Now you play with POWER of your EYES! This mod is intended to offer an eye tracking user experience with Tobii EyeTracker in Cyberpunk 2077.

Hide Loot Markers
Info Hides loot markers by default and makes them visible only when scanner is active. How to install Download the latest redscript release and unpack it into the game folder Unpack the mod archive into the game folder Keep in mind that the mod version always equals minimal required redscript

Just Swap F to E
The title says it all. Every single use of F is swapped to E, and vice versa. I found that of the mods here on the Nexus, all of the popular mods swapping F to E did some other stuff that I didn't find necessary, like removing double tap dodge, or other things like that. I play lots of Bethesda

Loading Screen Fix
Fixes a loading screen error. Cyberpunk 2077 mod - Loading Screen Fix v1.0 Changes a loading screen where a building is not fully rendered. Why the mod? barbor92r contacted me if i could fix it and i did. Kudos to him! Installation: Drop the archive file into your archive/pc/patch folder Archive

Main Menu Logo v1.0
Cyberpunk 2077 mod - Main Menu Logo v1.0 Changes the appearance of the main menu. A bit. Why the mod? I have no idea. Fun? But really? Ehm... Is this a troll? Not intended. I love the game since i put effort into it despite all those difficulties it has. I also love modding, always did. So what

Immersive Minimap
Removes elements from the minimap (enemies, loot, quest, alarm, clock, frame, background, etc.)

Sorted Menus
Info Tweaks sorting options for a few in-game menus. Changes Dialer menu: fixed broken alphabetical sorting Quests menu: sorting by timestamp replaced with sorting by level (ascending) Shards menu: sorting by timestamp replaced with alphabetical sorting More to come! How to install Check the

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