Kolkhoznik # 2
Long wheelbase platform. In total it carries 8 points. 2 types of wheels. Credits: Дмитрий Ткачёв

Trailer for 5 and 8 points v1
The trailer loads 5 load points – 4 short logs and 8 load points – 3 medium logs (load envelope with SnowRunner). It also has 300 repair points and 350 liters of fuel. There is an opportunity to block the front axle of the trailer when driving backwards. Attaches to all trucks that have a

Tral Dozer v1
The trawl carries 4 and 6 points of cargo, clings to a regular hitch and to trucks that have a default hitch. I took the model of the bulldozer from the map of China Island and registered it in the cargo someone asked for. Registered loading from a goat for 6 eyes. Credits: Sergo

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BeamNG Drive, City Car Driving, Spintires, Mudrunner, Snowrunner and Cyberpunk 2077.